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Vinyl Printing

Durable & smooth finish

Flex or Flock vinyl is used for vinyl print. The process begins with a vector design being created, which is then cut into the vinyl using a plot-cutting machine, before finally being pressed onto the garment with a heat press (basically a really big iron).

 Most designs are single colour, but a combination of up to four colours can be used together in one design.

The vinyl printing process is best suited for text, such as slogans, names, numbering for sports teams or simple line designs. The material is very durable and will last the life of the garment. It is machine washable up to 80°c and can be used on any colour and any garments.

There are many vinyl colours available including Metallic, Neon, Glitter, Sparkle and the new Fashion range.

There is no set up cost required for vinyl printing so pricing is per item only unless a non-standard font is selected. The cost is dependent on the size of the design and the amount of detail. Vinyl print is less expensive than embroidery but for complicated drawings original vector artwork is required. 

For further information and a quotation, please do contact us!


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